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The founder of CAMMUA, Gia Deo has always believed that experience is learned on the job and the education part is there to give you the tools and skills needed to get the job.  After owning and operating makeup schools since 2005 Gia knew there was a need for a SFX program with the same qualities and effectiveness as the Beauty Programs she created.  After meeting Cat Elrod she knew she had found an Artist who was as passionate about education as she was.

The two minds came together and created …….Hollywood SFX School……

So let’s find out a little about Cat Elrod………………….


Cat Elrod is a Special FX Makeup Artist, Personal Celebrity Makeup Artist and Costume Designer from Long Beach, Ca. Her career began in theatre, designing and managing for The Long Beach Playhouse, International City Theatre, The Hudson Ave. Theatre and The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center. After receiving an Associate’s Degree and two Bachelor’s Degrees in Technical theatre, Directing for the Stage and Archaeology, respectively, she made the transition to film by returning to school.

At Joe Blasco Makeup Center West she pursued certificates in Beauty, Glamour and Advanced Prosthetic makeup. Some of her numerous credits include, for television: OUTRAGEOUS ACTS OF SCIENCE (Science Channel), THE BOOTH AT THE END (Hulu), ERASING HATE (MSNBC), STAR-ving (Crackle) and CINEMA & SPICE (Yahoo). For film: BADASS (starring Danny Trejo, Ron Pearlman), THE HUNGOVER GAMES (starring Jamie Kennedy, Tara Reid), THE MILLIONAIR TOUR (starring Dominic Monoghan, Agnes Bruckner) and CRAWLSPACE (starring Jonathan Silverman, Lori Laughlin). For theatre: DELUSION (2011), DELUSION: The Blood Rite (2012), DELUSION: Mask of Mortality (2013), DELUSION: Lies Within (2014).

She is also personal makeup artist to comedienne MARGARET CHO and legendary musician CHARLIE WILSON.Some of her most favorite celebs, infamous personalities and renowned music makers that she’s had the pleasure to paint are: Ed O’Neill, Gilbert Gottfried, Seth Green, Venus Williams, Ed Asner, Robert Wagner, Jennifer Grey, Neil Patrick Harris, Ray Wise, Deep Roy, Marion Van Peebles, David Allen Grier, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, James St. James, Holly Woodlawn, Ron Jeremy, John Legend, Coolio, DJ Rap, In This Moment, Twenty One Pilots, Grouplove and many more! Although working with celebs can be exciting, her passion lies in crafting outrageous and frightening creatures for the stage and screen! She’s even more excited to share her wealth of skill and experience with students at Hollywood SFX School.



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